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Play Solutions INC.

Sherry M. Waters, MSW, LCSW, RPT

Play Solutions INC.  is proud to share resources and information with 

parents and caregivers.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to 

contact us by phone or email.

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Instead of this:

There are still some blocks out.

You haven’t put your shoes on yet.

You’re making a mess.

Try this:

I see almost all of the blocks are cleaned up! There’s just a blue and red block left.

Look at you! You’re almost all of the way dressed, just your shoes left to go!

You’re having fun with the paint! I see some about to drip on your pants, let’s put a smock on you so you can keep going.

10 Things To Say to a Crying Child

  1. It’s ok to be sad.
  2. This is really hard for you.
  3. I’m here with you.
  4. Tell me about it.
  5. I hear you.
  6. That was really scary, sad, etc.
  7. I will help you work it out.
  8. I’m listening.
  9. I hear that you need space. I’ll stay close so you can find me when you’re ready.
  10. I want to be here for you.

What To Say to an Anxious Child

  1. You’re feeling scared.
  2. You’re worried about…
  3. You feel overwhelmed; this feeling will go away.
  4. I’ll stay here until the feeling gets smaller.
  5. You’re safe with me.
  6. I’m not going anywhere, let’s take some deep breaths to tell your body you’re safe.
  7. I see you’re scared to do that, let’s try it together.
  8. We’ll figure this out together.
  9. Everyone feels scared sometimes; you’re still strong.
  10. Say nothing. Hug your child.

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